Spoon River Blacktop, LLC.  specializes in blacktop, sealcoating, &  striping.

Spoon River Blacktop, LLC.

About Us

We are family owned and operated since 1984.  We own and operate our own asphalt plant in Lewistown, IL.  That advantage gives us full control over our product from start to finish.  

Residential & Commerical

We are equipped to handle most any job-big or small.  Blacktop, overlay, sealcoat, oil and chip, striping, earthwork, and more!  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  

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Machine Shop

We also have a machine shop that offers tractor repair, hydraulic hoses, and Interstate Batteries for most all needs.  

We can make service calls as well!  

Call them directly at 309-547-7112.

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Blacktop can be done in different thicknesses depending on your needs.  We can create a driveway from a grassy area, a gravel drive, or tear out and completely replace an old driveway of asphalt or concrete.


We order in pre-mixed sealcoat material and hand apply it to blacktopped surfaces.  Sealcoat is wonderful at protecting your driveway or parking lot.  We also can crackfill any larger cracks with hot rubber to preserve the asphalt.

Oil & Chip

Oil and chip is called many things-tar & chip, chip & chute, etc-but is consists of a special oil sprayed onto a driveway or lane and then rock spread onto it to create a solid surface.


Overlay is when we apply a couple of inches of hot blacktop onto an existing driveway or parking lot.  Typically this is done over a blacktopped surface but can also be done over concrete as well.  


Whether you need parking spaces marked or want lines put on a basketball court, we can handle your striping needs.

Other Services

We can haul rock and sand, create rock driveways, build dry dams, and much more.  Feel free to call with any questions.

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Shop Address: 13002 N. US Hwy 24, Lewistown, IL 61542

Plant Address: 13032 N. US Hwy 24, Lewistown, IL 61542

Spoon River Blacktop, LLC.